Thursday, January 20, 2011


In the last week, the volunteers (who are mostly girls), wanted to play soccer. Most of the older boys play soccer regularly and are really good players. We ended up playing a very competitive game with them in our bare feet. To there great shock, they lost the game 10 to 7.
But this meant war. They did not have 3 of their best players at that game and their pride was wounded. They wanted a rematch! We set the time, 5pm on what turned out to be a sweltering hot evening. Our best players suffered heat headaches during the day and we were all intimidated by the boys' intensity.
We started the game with a butterflies in our stomachs. No one scored for a good 10 minutes, all of us fighting for the ball and soon dripping in sweat. The boys were strong and had a great defense. We couldn't get anything past them. Then suddenly they scored. Oh, man!
But after their goal, they got a bit lazy and comfortable. We kept up the tenacity suddenly to their surprise we got a goal through! And then another! They were shocked once again! This could not be happening! Girls were beating them! How could this be!! They were supposed to be amazing players! They got frustrated and lost their teamwork and fire.
We fought for the ball with everything we had and our tenacity won the game. In the end we did a victory dance in their faces! We won 7 to 4!!! Of course it did not happen without sacrifice with Kierra spraining her foot badly and is now bedridden. They have been quieted. We'll see if they want a rematch!

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