Monday, January 17, 2011

African Thunderstorms

We had a massive thunderstorm that rolled over the lovely green hills. What an experience to see it coming! And then brought hurricane winds and huge hailstones! The electricity was out almost instantly and we all huddled in the office together to wait it out and watch the lightning come down around us. The electricity is back on, thank goodness.

The Bugman came and so tomorrow I can move back into the house I was staying! Hopefully bug free! There is a new volunteer who has come and so I have a roommate now, which is nice.

I have been working hard in the social work office and trying to figure out the balance between the office work and just hanging out with the kids. They are finishing up their holiday and have to go back to school Wednesday, so these are the final days for them to be free before they start the schoolwork grind. I have less than 2 weeks left here. Time sure flies!

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