Sunday, January 9, 2011


I have been here for about a week and a half. It has been an amazing journey of trusting God for every basic need. April has gone and I am alone in an older house, whose water system is a bit more primative and tempermental. There is running water for perhaps a couple of hours each day and the trick is hopefully to be home during some part of that time to fill up the water jugs. Then basically, all the washing and water usage comes from those jugs. For sure, it is something to get used to but I have adapted well.

I had one bug incident that made me almost want to die (kidding) but I got through it.

But this is how living here is. It reminds me, especially at Christmas time, how uncomfortable it must have been for the God of the universe to come into our lives. What a daily lesson of His love.

It has been so great to be with the kids again. It has been absolute bliss for me. At first the little ones were confused and shy to see me, but the next day they got it and were at my door with excited faces. The older kids gave me huge hugs.

I have really been able to do a lot with the social workers. There are new social workers who don't know the kids very well and are very behind on their reports. I am helping them complete them and organize their charts and information, getting as much as possible on paper (often they just keep all sorts of things in their heads). In the afternoons, I take a break and play games with the kids, who are still on their Christmas holiday. They have another week and a half left before they all start a new school year. In the evenings I spend time getting to know the other volunteers, who are from around the world: London, Austria, Germany, South Africa, and Korea.

Sorry I can't provide any photos this time, but hope to send more out soon.

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