Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just want to show you the view from my front door. I am blessed with a small one bedroom apartment that a New Yorker would pay BIG bucks to have as a vacation spot! Over looking a game reserve, I can wake up and look over the "veranda" to the hills to find giraffe and perhaps a wilder beast herd running through the field. It is an amazingly beautiful and peaceful view from by front door. Sometimes the kids walk down (5 minutes) from their houses to come to my apartment and so I get a nice mix of quiet and company (I also have 3 neighbors).

This weekend we helped the teenagers plan a big dance party, with decorations, a dress theme, and great DJ-ing! It was a blast! they had so much fun! And WOW no one can dance like a Zulu!!!!!

And for all those who know how much I love to bake, amongst all the things I am doing, one project that I am doing is helping some of the teenagers to start selling small cakes at school. They are getting so into it, from scoping the market (there are other kids who sell cakes) to pricing, to the actual baking, it is so fun to see them get excited about this!

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