Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week 2 done! Wow, the weeks are flying by here and every day makes me more and more excited about what I am doing! God is so good because as we struggle with Him, He then brings great blessings. He brings us, in His time, into things He wants us to do that we ALSO LOVE. He is so kind in that way.
This week I really dug into the planning and also did a lot more with the older kids. There are about 30 of them, so it takes time to connect with everyone and it is a bit challenging to know who to focus on. All the little kids want to bake cakes with me, but it is hard to say no.
Amongst some of the activities this week, was a great fellowship group last night with the teenagers. We talked about God's faithfulness to us and ours to Him. Awesome discussion and I was amazed at how the kids are maturing in their faith!
Then, this morning we decided to go on a 14km (9 mile!!!!!) run! I have been running on the road on the property, so a group of staff and older kids, who play soccer and are in pretty good shape, ran out onto the public road through the farmland! At our halfway marker, there were huge fields of sugarcane and the kids broke off a stalk to chew on and get some refreshment. Man, the way back was hard and long and I probably would have passed out if I didn't have the sugarcane stalk!! But I just barely beat all the boys back, except one!!


  1. sugar cane?! that's so cool. hehe. i love you stories!!

  2. Watch that sugar cane addiction-- it'll still rot your teeth out :)
    Which boy beat you?? I'm so curious!!