Sunday, September 4, 2011

I finished my first week here! It involved quite a bit of everything! My time now is mostly focusing on major planning for the teenagers, so I spend the mornings working on that. Then in the afternoons when the kids come home from school, I focus on reconnecting with them, just hanging out. It has been so great to be back in their lives again! I baked a cake with some, watched movies with others, sat in on some hip hop dance practices (the boys are preparing for a competition), and did a few bonfires for the older kids.

This week the orphanage was short drivers, so I drove some of the little girls to a special day camp for kids with serious diseases and they were able to get their faces painted, dress up, get their nails done, play fun games, eat lots of cakes, and meet Miss South Africa 2006!

But now I see why God has brought me back here. For the past few months, I felt His urgency for me to come and the importance of it, but I wondered if it was just my own feelings or impulses. But now I see how clearly God did speak! It is so great to see that and know that as the challenges start to come, He has made it very clear that I am the one for this job, even if I don't feel like I am up for it at times.

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  1. You MUST take video of the practices, but more importantly the hip hop competition!! Amazing.