Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have been doing a variety of things here at the orphanage to get to know the kids and also to get to know how the whole thing is run. I have been doing after school programs, food shopping for kids, going to medical appts with them, doing therapies with the disabled kids, etc. Basically everything. Last week I went to experience what the monthly food shopping is like. Basically it is buying about $8000 of huge bags of rice and veggies and milk and everything they eat, loading it onto a pick up truck and driving it home in the heat, hoping no one will steal anything at a stop light. Of course we got a flat tire too, which is normal life. And of course we do much of the loading and all of the unloading! So do the little children back at the orphanage.

Here are some of the kids running to a birthday party that the orphanage was having for them. It was a very touching time, as each one is celebrated and valued. I really respect this place. It is a very special orphanage and God is doing great things through it. It is well established with the South African government.
So I hope to introduce you to some special kids soon.

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