Saturday, March 27, 2010

One of the projects of this organization is to support the community. They have a doctor that goes out and does home visits as well as others workers who go and help with different things that the families may need. I have been able to go on home visits with the staff to see what they are doing with the Zulu community. They give food, but also help families learn ways to sustain themselves, live healthier, and prevent the spread of HIV. There are some very hard welfare systems that just facilitate downward spiraling. One is that if you are not married and have a child, you get a monthly stipend from the gov't. Families are so poverty stricken, that the teenage girls go out and get pregnant with anyone, just to feed their family and be more well-off.
I was not able to take many photos while at the homes but this home was a man's who was very sick and had to go to the hospital. We checked in on him to see how he was doing, but he was not home yet. His house was so small, perhaps he could just fit lying down.
We also visited a family of 33, yes, 33 people, mostly children, all living in 2 very small houses. There were about 5 adults, grandma and her adult children and then all their kids. No one really worked in the family and they were very sick and starving. Our community program is donating seeds and vegatables for them to grow and go their often to teach them and help them. But that home was shocking to see. The kids were sick and covered with flies and the grandmother said that some kids had to skip meals. She also said that some of the older girls had gone off to live with (and sleep with) guys to have a "better off" life. The grandmother wanted so much for them to have a hope and a good future and to do well in school.
The poverty is overwelming and you leave the homes not being able to do much, no resources to help, mentalities that make the problems worse, and all you can do is pray that God would do something.

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