Saturday, March 27, 2010


These are my co-workers! Nkululeko (South Africa), Kristina (Ger), Yohan (Korea), me, Steffi (Ger), Spi (South Africa), Michaela (Ger), and Meredeth (USA). They are fabulous and the community here is amazing. We are family here and we have so much fun together. What is particularly fun is that we all come from such different cultures. Every Monday one person cooks for the group some special food from their culture. We are also constantly laughing about all of our differences and interactions. Last week the Zulu girl, Spi, cook a great beef curry that you eat with your hands and no one uses napkins here!


  1. It's so great to see a picture of you and your co-workers!! I'm praying that you would be family more and more! I miss you!

  2. Ni Hao Christy!!! Love reading your posts and getting updates on you. I am praying for you and so excited for all that the Lord is doing in and through you as He grows you in dependence on Him. Happy Easter!! Love you pengyou!!! emily