Monday, August 8, 2011

The past few weeks have been characterized by much running around, especially countless times to the South African consulate. Luckily there is never a line (or I should say a Que!). Today, I went for the last time, retrieving my visa! DONE!!!! On the way, I pass a corner each time at 42nd street and 2nd Ave, where Nelson Mandela meets the Chrysler Building. It is a special sight, and each time causes me to stop for a moment.

Another part of my days has been cleaning up and cleaning out! I have so much stuff that I haven't looked at for years! So going through my stuff has been quite a process, throwing it away, giving it away, organizing it. Luckily the summer has not been so hot, so I can spend the days in my NOT-air conditioned room. One week it was over 100 degrees, but otherwise, it has been tolerable. But definitely I have been a beach bum! Taking trips on the subway to get out to the beach nearly every weekend!

I am thankful for God's grace. He is patient and kind with all my crazy emotions, one day to the next is a new and crazy thought process and emotion-mostly of course super dramatic. FEAR, EXCITEMENT, JOY, SADNESS...DOUBT...TEARS. The goodbyes will be so hard but the hello's to the kids will be SO wonderful!

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