Wednesday, July 13, 2011

YES, believe it or not, New York City has it own beaches! And the hot summer sun draws everyone out there! This picture does not show the crowds that flock out to the beach, where you stand on the trains jammed in like rush hour, except its beach Saturday rush hour.

I haven't written for a long time. I have been deep in thought, deep in turmoil, deep in "What do I do?! Have I really made the right decision!?"...You may be wondering what has happened with my decision to go to South Africa. It has been a hard decision. It has been one that takes a HUGE amount of trust that God will be faithful and really take care of me and see me through. It is a position that is what I am so excited about and uses my talents, but also it is going to be incredibly difficult. So, I have been in some deep turmoil over what I should do. But I have come out the other side feeling that I need to trust God and give him the opportunity to show himself to me. If I decide to back out, it will be counting God as dead, as not-living, not able to speak or to show himself to his people. Therefore, I bank on his words and his leading.

It is now a count down, about 5 weeks to go until I leave this great city, this World Central to go to a little township, off the beaten world path, in Nowhere Land so to speak, to build into the lives of these special kids that God cares for.

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