Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winter in South Africa

On June 19th I went from New York summer to South African winter.  From beach, pool, park to layers, hot chocolate, and warm stews.  It never gets cold enough to snow, but the building are not really heated so it feels that way sometimes.  But the bright sunshine does a good job of warming us up during the days.
It has been one week since I have returned to Lily.  Many volunteers are leaving and there are some painful relationship challenges here, so it has been a very hard place to step back into.  I feel lonely, but depending on God for his presence to comfort me.
One unexpected blessing of coming back, was the love of the kids.  They showered me with love when I returned so much more than I was expecting. Their concern for me, as I took so long to return, just melted my heart and showed me the important reason of why I am back. 
I must bear my burdens for the kids sake.  So, its been a week of joys and sorrows, mixed together. 

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