Friday, May 18, 2012

 Time in the States has been split between time in New York City as well as time with my family in San Diego California.  I spent 3 weeks with my sister and her teenagers in sunny southern Cali.  It consisted of watching a lot of soccer games and spending time just having fun with my niece and nephew.  Its amazing how my niece and nephew can make tooth-brushing and other mundane activities fun. 
While I was in San Diego, I had lots of time alone while my family was at school or work.  I really spent that time in prayer and thirsted to hear God's voice of what He wanted from me.  It has been soooo difficult for me to think of going back to the pain of the guy situation and all the hardships.  It has been weighing so heavy on my soul. I have also been a bit frustrated with myself for the fact that it has been so hard to think of going back.  But asking God for His presence and His strength in my severe weaknesses. 

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