Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thirdly, I just am continually reminded of who is in control. It is not me who has this amazing strength or amazing great character. But I really learned to give everything over to God. From the little to big things, this place was a testing ground of trust. There were so many things that we could not control, as if we were swimming in the sea and were out too far and the waves were completely over our heads. In New York, our lifestyle really does not give us the opportunity to "need God" as much. Everyday there was something. Water, our storage bottles are running low and the water is not on yet! Instead of panicking, we prayed. The kids are struggling with behaviors and the social workers have too much work! Instead of panicking, we prayed. Our refrigerator just broke and there will be another moving in soon! Instead of panicking we prayed. I have bugs in my bed! Instead of panicking I prayed. Wow, I don't feel cut out for this work today! Instead of getting discouraged, I prayed. God showed himself living, and came through in every situation. It was amazing. And I learned so much about walking with the living God and giving him my struggles and letting him take care of me.

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