Monday, December 27, 2010


Recent, I laid awake thinking of the kids, all those precious faces that I got to know at the orphanage, tossing and turning, thinking about their future and how much they needed and how many struggles they had. I couldn't sleep one night and so the next day I asked my friend, April, to pray about what that meant and what I should do about it. She said she would. I thanked her.
Later in the week surprising me, she said to me, 'Christy, I can't get those kids off my mind myself. I have heard a lot about them, and I have been praying that God would use me in new ways and wondered...can I go there with you??'
At that moment, I knew for sure I should go back to the kids and be a part of God doing great things through April. So, I am going back for a month and April is coming with me to raise money to bring over! I will be helping out with whatever is needed there, but most of all, connecting with the kids again and showing them how they are unforgettable and loved by God! I leave in two days!

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