Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just wanted to share a few moments with you.
Only in Africa can you wake up to a giraffe in the back field of your house. That was so amazing! This was the view on an early Saturday morning as the giraffe came right up to our fence. I continue to blown away by the artistry of God in His skies. Every sunrise and sunset is brilliant and the stars here are so brilliant as well, I cannot begin to describe them. It is so calming after a long day to gaze out on the sunset and remember what is important, that God is in control of it all.

During the last few weeks the kids had off of school so we did some different games with them, including relay races involving eggs and grabbing apples out of water with their mouth. James was the most intense and passionate apple relay racer I have ever seen in my life.

These are some of the older boys. Sandile, Jay Jay, Ndumiso, Stambiso, and James. They are all so much fun to spend time with.

All the girl volunteers and staff were challenged to play a soccer game with another organization. None of us really have played soccer at all and so we were extremely nervious. All the boys were making jokes of how bad we would do. The morning of the game we all drove to the field with butterflies in our stomachs. All of Lily of the Valley would be watching! All the kids and other staff would come and root us on and we were so scared we would completely make fools of ourselves. But we did suprisingly well and even some of the boys gave us a "good job" smile. We won and became the Lily heroins. And I (even I!) scored our only goal!! Here I am with one of the German volunteers who also played well. And below you can see our whole team!

Weekends are great fun and usually involve spending time having fun with kids. The kids LOVE to come over to our house and bake cakes and sweets, watch movies, and listen to music. I have never made so many cakes in my life! Here they are watching a movie in our living room, packed in.

Today we said goodbye to one of our volunteers, Yohan, the Korean. Next week we say goodbye to another and so there will only be 2 others doing so much. Our workload is very high and so it will be a time of dependance on God for strength. One of the most challenging things here is the disorganization and randomness of the demands here. It is so different than in the States. But I know that Jesus wants me here and it is an opportunity to depend on His strength each day.

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