Friday, May 21, 2010

I am now coming up on my half way mark of being here in South Africa. I have gotten into the groove here. It took quite a while to really build relationships with the kids here, but now I feel that they know me and are comfortable with me. Their are so fun and so special and grow on me more every week.
On the other hand, it has been so challenging here as well. Most of the challenge comes to my patience and my pride. First, many of the things that they really need done here are not what I am good at, not glamourous, and quite hard. They are not what I came to do (I do get to do things that I like as well and that I came to do), nor even want to do. I come from a city where you do what you are very good at and nothing else. But God's ways are different. He calls us to serve Him and others in our weakness. He says he is our strength in our weakness. I have had to give over a lot of expectations to Him and find joy in the simplicity of serving a great God, no matter what I do. Last week I was really ready to call it quits and really had to pray hard, but this week, God did an amazing work in me and has provided a lot of little things to help me. Wow, I am very much learning what it means to serve the Lord in weakness and let Him shine His strength on me.
One thing that I do, that I am not particularly good at nor like, is run the Homework Club. It is basically teaching a class of 2nd to 3rd graders for a couple of hours in the afternoons. I am not a good teacher and have had to learn so much about disciplining kids and teaching that age. I have had to depend on God EVERY MOMENT!

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