Friday, August 21, 2009

My Trip To Rwanda 
July 4th to July 16th 2009. 

Sorry for the delay! But I will give you a small glimpse of what I experienced, what God showed me, and some of the lives we got to minister to, through my trip to Africa.  My church, Trinity Baptist Church, has taken to adopting a community in southern Rwanda.  Our church sends teams multiple times a year, where we do a variety of things to develop the community and share Christ's love.  Over the past few years, we have built 10 houses, 5 water wells, and our church sponsors over 1000 children in that one area.  This time I was able to go! It was only a 2 week trip and generally my stubborn self feels that I can only make an impact in a place long term, but of course God showed me that He can take everything we do, long or short, and use it for His glory.  This was also a trip of taking in so much from what I saw.  The people of Rwanda have had to experience things far beyond what Americans ever do and in just 2 weeks, I have felt the depth of their need, simplicity, forgiveness, and faith.  Every day they grapple with so many things we never have to think about and a hugely painful past. But it was very clear that God has used that for such glory.   It was amazing to experience so much of it in the that short time I was there. 

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