Sunday, August 23, 2009

After we finished our work on the site, around 2pm, we would eat lunch, then go visit the families of the homes that were built on the past trips.  They welcomed us into their humble mud homes, and shared shyly how they were doing. We were able to pray for them and give them words of encouragement from the Lord.   They were real families, with real issues, but those issues seemed so unfamiliar, so foreign to me.  How is my child going to eat? How will she get the farming done and finish her homework? How will she take care of 3 of her siblings and go get the water, 2 miles away?  They were a people of faith, stuggling yet dependent faith. They were so thankful we could come. But I ached to be more long term in their life. 

Here is a family that the last team built a house for.  They were struggling and we prayed for their great needs and for God to shine his presence in their lives. He is the one whom could give them peace in the midst of all their troubles and be the One who bring provisions. We also had someone with us who was a medical student and helped give them some medical advice.  Why can't I be more dependent on God like that? 

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