Sunday, November 6, 2011

One of the struggles that I have been experiencing is the need to prioritize my relationships with the oldest kids. But many of the kids I was closest to were not the oldest ones. So feeling a bit of the tugs and pulls from all over as to whom I should spend my time with. I don't want to feel the separation from the ones I have loved so much, yet I can't always spend time with them now. So its been a struggle to deal with that. I have kids ask often to do things with me, but my schedule is overwhelming sometimes and I just can't. And I feel sad. There is absolutely too much to do here and I have to really be careful not to spread myself out too thin with all the kids that I could invest in. It truly cannot be about need or else we would all drop dead. I am so glad Jesus takes our work and multiplies it and works things out for his good ways.
But this weekend was special because I was able to spend some time
with some of the middle kids that I spent so much time with on my last trips. These guys kept me in tears (of laughter) in my other trips here and this time around I have really missed my time with them. I had some of the boys at my place, too, for some homemade fries and cake. We did facial scrubs as well! They are totally into that, its so funny!
A couple of them are friends who live in the nearby township where life is much more difficult. I actually have been to their homes and it is a simple and difficult life. It is so nice that the friends can come sometimes and have a place to hang that is safe from street life that is so destructive.

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