Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello from South Africa! My flight over was pretty effortless, which was a GIFT from God (and a miracle), because an airplane is usually like a closterphobic death chamber to me. This is my second day here at the orphanage, just trying to get my barings on things. I have met many of the kids and am getting to know how they live. We don't have a lot of internet access now so I will have to send photos out later, but I can't wait to show you the beautiful mountains. The orphanage is actaully right next to an animal reserve so we can see all sorts of animals. Everyone lives very simply here, but well.

The children here are all HIV positive, but none have AIDS. Some are disabled, some have had TB, many must go often to see doctors. But generally they are healthy and the set up of the orphanage is very good. It is quite slow here, things run slowly, so that is my first challenge--to slow myself down and to do things that they really need that I normally wouldn't do. My brain gears are churning, seeing how they need help and what could make things run more smoothly. It also has been pretty intimidating here to get to know the kids. Some are friendly, but many are very shy and not so warm at first. To them, they need love to be proven. A relationship need a lot of time.

The other volunteers are great. They are very international and it is an interesting feeling not to be with any Americans. There is a Korean guy, 2 South Africans, and 3 Germans. They are very kind and social. We are all a part of each other's lives and sit and talk together on our down time.

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  1. praise! so grateful that you arrived there safely and sounds like you already love the place and very peaceful... i pray that you are nurishing in Abba Father's Love in Africa..i love to hear more story... I miss you and Africa too... someday I'd go with you.. hh

    love you!